Portability is one of the key features nowadays. Smartphones are getting bigger each year, tablets and notebooks lighter. We’re nearly always lugging around a technical device with which we can view films or browse the internet. And listen to music. Sure the integrated speakers are getting a little better each year but there will always be physical limitations which can’t be overcome even if money wasn’t an issue. And with the production of every item for a mass-market it sure is.

But we are lucky because there is an ever growing market out there which is solely dedicated to making wireless speakers which are just incredible comfortable to use.

My name is Mike, I’m a 28 year old guy who was on the lookout for the perfect speakers with bluetooth connectivity. Collecting records and working as a Dj for the last 10 years made me a little picky. I discovered a lot of crappy products, big names were sometimes highly disappointing but in the end I found a couple of great products. This website is solely dedicated to my search for the best wireless speakers out there.